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YJRB "The Black Album" | Rap Nerd Reviews

YJRB is a talented hip hop artist from Houston, TX that continues to grow and evolve in many different ways. His latest release "The Black Album" shows that YJRB is transitioning from his former street life, to a more positive life path. He makes it clear that the streets molded him into the person he is today, some good and some bad. The project is surely something a lot of people can relate to. I reviewed another album from YJRB earlier this year titled "Welcome To The Corner". That album was pretty solid, so I'm excited to review this new body of work. Let's dive into the review.


YJRB "The Black Album" | Rap Nerd Review

"The Black Album" begins with the dark hard hitting track "Run It". This is actually one of my favorites on the project, as YJRB holds this one down with no features. I especially like the part where he says " I ain't never snitched on my life/ and if you snitched once man you're a snitch for life/ and If you bit me once you're a snake for life I keep my grass low/ I can't fuck wit yall I can only fuck with hoes" With a total of 13 tracks, I will mostly just go over the songs that I feel like are the high points of the project. "Exotic" is another undeniable banger on the album for sure. The features from both Vic Rippa and HollyHood Tay really take the song to the next level. Everyone on the track was equally dope. "Dove Of The East" has a soulful feeling that I love. Another favorite of mine from The Black Album is track 7 "Reminisce". The laid back syrupy beat definitely puts me in that slowed down H-town vibe. This song is a story of a guy from the hood connecting with a sweet girl from the suburbs. He lets her know that while he loves her, he will always be in love with the streets as well. This seems to be the point in the album where there are a few song with an R&B vibe. "They aint us", and "Fight For Me" both have that smooth vibe that I believe YJRB is actually very good at. The album then goes into a serious vibe as YJRB start to speak more about his personal life on the last few tracks. The album ends with track 13 "Back To Earth". This song is the most vulnerable, as he raps about finally getting a chance to spend the holidays with his family.. He also touches on how he wishes his family was closer, wishes he would have been a better brother to his siblings, and how he feels a little guilt for loving the streets and these women over his family sometimes. That was a great way to end an album. I can always appreciate when an artist gives us a look into their real life.

" Cops shoot first and ask questions second. and when we protest it, they flip it and invest it ,congest it, they put it right back in the heart of the hood swallow and digest it"
YJRB - "Dove Of The East"

Overall, YJRB dropped another good solid project with "The Black Album". There is a little something on here for everybody depending on what mood you're currently in. I can definitely hear the growth and evolution from the last project up until this current album. The only thing I believe YJRB needs to focus on to make his music better is his delivery and riding the beat a little better. The lyrics aren't bad, and the production is amazing. He chose some really good features on this project as well. I look forward to more of what YJRB has in store, and I recommend you all go check him out!



D-Sick aka "Rap Nerd"

Rap Nerd Rating (3.5 out of 5)

written by Derek "Rap Nerd" Moore

Rap Nerd LLC

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