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Water Star Vibes "Pass You By" Rap Nerd Review

Water Star Vibes

“ Pass You By ”

Album Released: 2021

Water Star Vibes is a high calibur femcee that should not be overlooked. Just the name alone caught my attention and made me want to give it a listen and i’m sure glad I did! As I’m casually on spotify listening to underground hip hop I come across the first track on the EP titled “Til I AM the G.O.a.T” where she uses clever wordplay to describe how she’s basically the queen of the jungle fearlessly coming for everything she deserves. Every track on here is very well executed, and her mission is quite clear. Water Star Vibes seems to have a passion for inspiring others and spreading knowledge.
“I stand on my words stick to my morals and my values / no flip-floppin never two faced so don’t ever mutha******’ get me confused”
-Water Star Vibes “Focused” Check Out the Video Below!

“ Pass You By ” EP Review

The title track “Pass You By” and “Alive” are definitely two of the standout tracks from this project to me. On those tracks I felt as if I could take a peek into her soul and really feel her intellectual energy. Water Star Vibes seems to be very spiritually in tune and self aware. On the last track “Alien” she expresses in a super creative way how it’s okay to always be yourself no matter how different you may seem to everyone else! Although her choice of words and the vibe is on point for every track, I do believe the beat selection could have been a little bit better. Nonetheless, It’s a breath of fresh air to hear great lyricism like this and I look forward to hearing more! On top of being a talented music artist, Water Star Vibes also has a very dope YouTube channel with informative vlogs so make sure you all subscribe to follow her amazing journey.
Sincerely ,
D-Sick aka #RapNerd
RAP NERD RATING ( 3.5 out of 5 )

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