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ThaHomie "Maintain My Cool" | Rap Nerd Reviews

Album Released: Dec. 17th 2021

The abundance of musical talent in the magical state of Virginia is no surprise to me anymore at this point. Creativity is everywhere in VA, especially in the 757. This is not only true in music, but also in sports, film, and many other creative industries. ThaHomie, repping Virginia Beach is yet another example of this. His latest project, “Maintain My Cool”, is an amazing body of work. I’d describe this album as 14 tracks of feel good hip-hop with versatile flows, masterful wordplay and timeless beats. It sounds current, without sounding like everything else, if that makes sense.

“Lately I been focused on picking up from where we left at/ Major comebacks from minor setbacks”
-ThaHomie “Libra Scale”

“Maintain My Cool” Rap Nerd Review

First I’d like to highlight the stellar quality of the mix and master this entire project! In my opinion, that is something that can make or break an album. While I enjoyed every song, I’ll speak a bit on a few of what I would say are the highlights of the album. “Money Makin’ Mitch (ft. Steve On7y)” feels like supreme confidence and cool. Both verses are sharp and equally yoked as the two heavy bar spitters exchange fire on this track. “Atlantic Ave (ft. Steve On7y and Walt D.)” gave me a similar vibe, but with more of a crew feel. The beat alone is a whole entire mood! This ode to the VA Beach 3 mile strip really takes me back to my younger days. I’m very familiar with this area, as I lived in the 757 for most of my adult life. “Single for the summer” is a banger with hard bars and a catchy hook. I could hear this one on the radio. Also, I’m sure the thoughts expressed in this song are relatable to many people. I like how there was a smooth break perfectly at the halfway point of the project. The song arrangement and sequencing was very well planned. Track 9 on the album, “Dead on Arrival” has to be my favorite! The laid back syruppy beat on this one puts me in a trance. The 808 hits crazy, I can’t wait to hear this in the whip! As I keep listening, I’m loving the feel good classic sound of the beat on “Blindside”. The song starts with words of wisdom as ThaHomie raps:

“Truth be told man I seen it all in hindsight/ Soon as you let your guard down they hit you from the blindside.”
ThaHomie - “Blindside”

The next two tracks, “Bad Girls Move to Houston” and “For Her (ft. Doxie Irene)” prove that ThaHomie can also get in his bag and make songs for the ladies as well! Now that I live in Texas and have visited Houston a few times, I can confirm that bad girls DO indeed move to Houston lol! The album closes with the laid back playa vibe of the track “Meet me at the Waffle House”. This song feels like elegant parking lot pimping. The only thing I didn’t like about the song is that ThaHomie says he gets grits instead of hashbrowns with his grand slam?!? Personally I think that’s a bad choice because the hash brown GO CRAZY in my personal opinion. Anyways, “Maintain My Cool” is very pleasing to the ears from start to finish. It’s dope that ThaHomie can simultaneously rap great, AND make good catchy songs. The album title makes all the sense in the world, as it definitely maintained its cool vibe from beginning to end. I was hoping to hear him be a little more vulnerable and maybe get deeper into his personal life. Such content may be on some of his other songs, so I’ll make sure to keep listening to ThaHomie. I suggest you all do the same because with persistence I’m quite sure he has the potential to take off like a rocket!


Make sure to check out ThaHomie at the following links:

Instagram: @thehomie_tommaveli

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Sincerely ,

D-Sick aka #RapNerd

Rap Nerd Rating (out of 5)

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