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STRAT "Stratosphere" | Rap Nerd Reviews

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

STRAT will continue to make it known that he’s not giving up anytime soon. It wasn’t long ago that he dropped his last project DVLPMNT which I also had the pleasure of reviewing, but he wasted no time at all bouncing RIGHT back. In this game consistency is key, and dedication is an absolute must. This time he’s back with a completely different sound on his latest effort cleverly titled “Stratosphere.” I was pleased with the last project, so let’s take a dive into STRAT’s complex mind to see where this one takes us!

“Dreams generate the best creations/ infinite like galaxy spaces”

STRAT “Pyramids”

“Stratosphere” Rap Nerd Review

This 12 track album has a few different styles on it, and I personally gravitated toward the second half more than the first half. The project welcomes the listener with some witty bars and playful/experimental production on the first 2 tracks "Mindblown" and "Manyhow." The vibe immediately gets dark by track 3 on the track “Everything." Although I loved the beat on that and the lyrics weren’t bad, the slow flow kinda dragged. I was hoping to maybe hear a few different cadences on that one. “Leave Me To My Books” has that classic hip-hop to it and a fire feature from Eso. I thought it was dope to hear some social justice bars and a deeper vibe. “Slappers and Bars” ft. Santone is a super chill vibe that I think might be a

legit cheat code for STRAT. These type of beats to me seem to be effortless for him to flow on, so I’m really rocking with it! Nice catchy hook too! Check out the reaction video I did to this dope track below, as well as the official music video.

“Poem 1” feels like the perfect midway interlude in the journey to prepare for the second half. Very heartfelt spoken word makes this project a work of art, and not just music. We get right back to the effortless therapeutic chill vibe that STRAT executes well. He spits greatly emotional and vulnerable rhymes on this one. One line that stood out to me was when he said “Ask yourself, are you really living , or are you really dying”. The listeners will always feel this genuine raw emotion because it’s super relatable. “Diamonds of the night” ft. Detroit L-O is a nice bop that you just can’t help but to nod your head to! The last track “Pyramids” is probably one of my favorites with its smooth ambient vibe and complex lyricism. It was a nice way to close the album.

In conclusion, while "Stratosphere" was a solid effort, I can’t confidently say that it’s better than the last project. It feels a bit rushed, and the beats were either hit or miss. Either way, STRAT will continue to keep evolving until he reaches his final form, and I’m here for it! Y’all make sure to check this album out, and follow STRAT on the following links:

Sincerely ,

D-Sick aka #RapNerd

Rap Nerd Rating : 3 (out of 5)

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