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In an era where most hip-hop music sounds the same, it’s always a breath of fresh air to hear something sonically and rhythmically different from the norm. The latest offering from Sandwichez proves that there are current MC‘s who think outside the box, even when we all

thought that was just a thing of the past. Braggadocious and self centered rap music has gotten us to a point in the culture where it’s not as cool to spew knowledge and try to help everyone else. I understand that there must be a balance, however at the present time I don’t think the sides weigh evenly. Sandwichez adds to the knowledge side of the scale with his newest album “” , while simultaneously giving a refreshing perspective on life.

“Half our lives has been about the other half of our life/ majestic etiquette, the motivation to die”
-Sandwichez - “Crayola”

“” Rap Nerd Review

22 tracks including skits tell me that Sandwichez has a lot to say! After listening to the project in its entirety, it sounds like spoken word over modern and experimental beats. The vibe changes up quite a bit and there isn’t one dominant sound on the project. Depending on how you look at it, that could be a good thing or a bad thing. It takes away from cohesiveness, but adds to versatility. Personally, I like to hear the cohesiveness. While I enjoyed a handful of tracks on here, I do also think that It could have easily been split into 3 cohesive EPs. The skits were very introspective and thought provoking, especially “Skit 2”. It forced me to think about how much basketball relates to real life. One standout track on the album is “Even (ft. Gemini The Queen)”. The beat penetrates my spirit and automatically makes me want to dance. I love the flow Sandwichez and Gemini both chose to approach the beat with. Other standouts include “Clicking”, “Crayola”, “Right”, “Guard Up”, and “When I was alone” . This track has a surprisingly smooth drill sound with a deep message about people that just can’t be trusted. On that one he cleverly spits

“You fake as fuck, my name is up, ya chains is tucked/ When I see him he better wave or somethin’ “

That might be my favorite joint on the project. “Guard up” is probably the closest thing Sandwichez has that stylistically sounds like the music of today. He does a great job flowing and speaking truth over a sad organ melody and 808 driven beat with a trap patterned hi-hat. Overall I think this album is an acquired taste. Although the lyrical content is good, The abstract flows and drifting offbeat is something that can make the listen not as easy for some. Sometimes you have to mix the medicine with the candy, which I think was done a lot better on the second half of the project than the first half. Sandwichez has a few different styles up his sleeve, but I think if he just masters one of those styles and focuses on it, he can find his loyal audience faster. I will say that if you’re tired of hearing the same old sound time and time again, definitely give this album a listen! Check out my rap nerd rating, and the streaming link to the album below:

Streaming Link: PreciselyEntertainmentZones.Info

@60capitalism Instagram

@asandwichez twitter

Sincerely ,

D-Sick aka #RapNerd

Rap Nerd Rating (3 out of 5)

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