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Ry Harper "Ryconic" Rap Nerd Review

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Ry Harper seems to have pretty much everything it takes to be a star if you ask me! I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him fearlessly tear down stages and easily captivate the crowd. This Austin Texas based artist, originally from Van Horn Texas, even has a Bachelor's degree in Audio Production. Talk about dedication and attention to detail! Ry Harper not only pays great attention to his wordplay, but also mixes and masters his own music. He’s currently part of the independent label founded by himself and Taz Green called The Paper Route Company.

Recently I've had the pleasure of checking out his latest full length album titled “Ryconic” available on all music streaming platforms. Out of 16 tracks, In my opinion the stand out tracks on this project are “Show Em”, “Do what you feel”, “Underground Runway”, “Never snowed this much in Austin” and “Something That IDK”. The entire project is pretty solid and it still sounds cohesive although none of the songs sound the same. On “Something That IDK” Ry Harper mentions that being too versatile is his gift and his curse. Personally I think it's more of the former than the latter, simply because I admire artists that aren’t one dimensional and/or chasing the current popular sound. However It is difficult to grow a dedicated fanbase being too versatile because some hip hop fans have an acquired taste for specific sonics.
Lyrically Ry Harper’s pen is very sharp and the visuals that he’s released for Ryconic are very well put together.

Check out his latest music video release titled “Everywhere” below.

With Ry Harper’s undeniable hit making ability and versatile flow, In my opinion he can’t lose. Maybe as time goes on he can really figure out what style or sound fits him most, although he does a good rendition of many styles. Whether he’s making a club banger, a joint for the ladies, or a lyrical miracle spiritual type rap, rest assured it will still be a banger. Check out his official website for music, merch etc. by clicking here. When Ry Harper blows up and starts appearing on the billboard charts, don’t say the Rap Nerd never told you so!

RAP NERD RATING (out of 5)

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