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Rapn Frizzy "Happy In My Gloom" RAP NERD REVIEW

Release date: 2/21/2022

New York, New York

Rapn Frizzy is a very talented artist that I believe is carving out his own lane in the underground hip hop scene! His flows are unpredictable and he doesn't sound like anything I've ever heard. I could tell by just the cover art alone that his project would be an artistic hip hop journey. There's no denying that Frizzy cares deeply about his craft, and uses it as his therapy. His music is definitely a breath of fresh air in an era where everything sounds the same in hip hop.

"You can call it a day! / We comin' up out of the cave and changing the game!"

Rapn Frizzy - "Willy Gate$"

Check out my reaction to the full music video below! 👇🏼


The intro/title track "Happy in my gloom" and track 2 "Aches" are great songs. The mood is somber and the lyrics made me feel like the project would be very meditative, smooth, and therapeutic. It gave me Mac Miller "Swimming" vibes. By the time I made it to track 3 "bananas" the vibe changed so I was like "Okay now he's about to really get to the bars!". He did just that spitting fire quotables such as :

"You better keep me in your sight like i'm your f*ckin' contact lense."

After track 2 the mood gets somber again for the next couple of tracks, to include "Grayscale" which is probably my favorite track on the project. At Track 6, "Luncheon", the vibes get super trappy. Although Frizzy does a good job floating over these types of beats, I personally like the more chill vibes from him. However, I'm sure he could care less about what people think when he spits on that same song "I do what I do regardless of you and your opinion like who are you/ you a spectate I'm a checkmate get a fu*kin' clue". Judah Feenom, who's featured on the track, lays an amazing verse, and this beats seems to be more of his pocket than Frizzy's in my personal opinion. The mood chills out again with "Skin", which sounds like a love affair on shrooms 🍄😄. This is also one of my favorites on the album. By the time I got to track 8 "Company Style" the vibe turns up again and Rapn Frizzy proceeds to prove me wrong! Although I previously stated the trap sound doesn't seem to be for him, he absolutely KILLS this one! There's so many quotable lines in that song I hope there's soon a video for this banger. I could even hear this track being played on radio, it's that good. I got excited when I heard "Cactus Dance" because the flows are reminiscentent of Bizzy Bone, one of my favorite rappers. For the remainder of the album, the mood continues to bounce back and forth from hype to chill. My only real critique of the album, although I enjoyed just about every song on the project, the sequencing could have been better. These 15 tracks could have been broken up into 2 or maybe even 3 EP's with a cohesive vibe. Overall I want to see Rapn Frizzy win and achieve all the dreams he has. He has a lot to offer the rap game, and can fill a void that hip hop so desperately needs right now.


D-Sick aka #RapNerd

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