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Album Released: June 3rd, 2022

If you don’t already know who Mar2Timez is, you better get familiar real fast! We haven’t had this type of street talk in hip-hop coming out of Virginia Beach, VA since The Clipse emerged on the scene in 2002. Mar2Timez is restoring the feeling and with his latest album titled “2Much” he’s showing everyone that he’s very serious about his craft.

“Every night my granny pray for a ni**a she said I’m golden / she like God please please protect my grand baby I know he chosen”

-Mar2Timez “Luh’Mar DeRozan”

“2Much” Rap Nerd Review

This project is very solid from top to bottom. It starts off with the banger “Loose Lips Sink Ships” where 2Timez aggressively outlines his mission and the hardships he’s been through from legal troubles, to people close to him that he’s lost. “I wrote this shit in pencil I aint tryna go to the pen” is one of the main bars that stood out to me. He’s obviously seen a lot, and wants to make sure he doesn’t go backwards, only forward. Although Mar2Timez seems to have a solid foundation of friends, he also realized that many people can’t be trusted so for the most part he’s prepared to win all by himself if he has to. As the project continues, the next few tracks are very dark and militant. He makes it very clear that he’s well connected and not the person you want to cross. “Man Wit Da Plan” featuring Bush2K3K is one of the stand out tracks on the album to me with its hard hitting beat and rapid fire flows. Once I got half way through the project I started to think that maybe this was the only type of sound that Mar2Timez had to offer, but I was proven wrong when my favorite song on the album dropped, “Luh’Mar DeRozan”.

The second half of the project is more chill and melodic giving the album a good balance and proving that Mar is not just a one dimensional rapper. Honestly I enjoyed the second half a lot more just because that’s my vibe, but there’s something on here for whatever mood you may be in at the time. Other standouts include the posse cut “All Da Guys ( Free Manski)”, and “Love & Hip-Hop” where Mar2Timez gets vulnerable and shows appreciation to a special lady. Overall while I did enjoy the project, my only critique of the album was that on some of the tracks on the first half he seems to rap a little faster than the beat. Maybe that’s just his style, but I’d advise to just slow down the flow a bit to match the beat. Some parts I wanted to nod my head to, but didn’t know if I should be nodding to the lyrics or the beat. Other than that it’s very solid and I recommend you all check out this project and anything else Mar2Timez has to offer! #RapNerdApproved


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Rap Nerd Rating (out of 5)

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