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Kyah Baby “P.S. It’s not about you” Rap Nerd Review

Kyah Baby

“P.S. It’s Not About You”

Album Released: 2021

From: Queens, NY

Queens, New York we have a problem! Kyah Baby has everything it takes to be a hip hop mega star. While listening I got Eve and Meek Mill vibes. The hard hitting bass heavy production and fire flow give you no choice but to give it your undivided attention. Kyah Baby isn’t afraid to be versatile and show the many different sides of her personality, which is a key element to longevity in hip hop.

“I’m comin’ straight from the projects, I know some scholars I know some robbers and they got one thing in common/ and it’s GET DOLLARS, came from the bottom now we all feelin’ accomplished!”
-Kyah Baby “Timing” Check Out the Video Below!

“P.S. It’s Not About You” Album Review

The album starts off with “Where Do We Go” which is easily my favorite song on here. The hunger in her tone feels authentic and heartfelt. Kyah reassures herself on this track that she always has God on her side, and she’s dedicated to bettering herself and those close to her. I felt that in my soul! Other notable standout tracks early in the project include “Secure The Bag” and “Go Savage” . These two bangers sound like they could ring off no matter if you’re in the car, trap, strip club, or anywhere with high energy. Just when I started to think this was her primary sound, the album takes a turn at “Love Story” when Kyah Baby artistically depicts the ups and downs of relationships. Not only that one song but for a few more songs thereafter. At this point in my listening I was thinking “ Well wait she’s from Queens, why don’t I hear any traditional hip hop sounding tracks on here?” Then she did just that on “Talk Of Queens Interlude” and I ran that track back probably 10 times. Kyah ends the album with “True Story” where she gets deep expressing her grievances with hip hop. Kyah says, “ I’ma grind like I’m behind on all my bills, I ain't got no time to chill / yeah I gotta make this music, give them something they can feel. / But if they can’t twerk to it, they don't listen and that’s real, s**t I swear this s**t will make you want to kill”. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this project top to bottom and I wish I had heard of this Queens queen sooner. Y’all make sure to follow her on instagram @kyah_baby to keep up with the movement because I sure will.
Sincerely ,
D-Sick aka #RapNerd

RAP NERD RATING: 4 out of 5

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