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JBadge "Chapter 4 (Side A & Side B)" | Rap Nerd Reviews

To make it in this game you have to have a good balance of talent, passion, and hustle. JBadge has been quietly killing the underground for a while now with not only his music, but also with his clothing brand Canibus Coast Crunch. I first became familiar with the movement when I heard the hard hitting track "No Industry", and I've been a fan ever since. I have no doubt in my mind that JBadge will reach star status. I'm excited to dive into his latest double album release "Chapter 4" (Side A & B)". When you think about it, all of the hip hop greats have released iconic double albums when they had a lot say, and really wanted to make a mark.


JBadge "Chapter 4 (Side A) | Rap Nerd Review

Side A opens up with "Blue (Intro)" where JBadge starts off vulnerable giving us all an inside look on how he sees things. The smooth but spooky beat and soul searching lyrics start the project off in the right direction and the feature verse from M1ke was phenomenal. After getting a few songs into the project I realize it has a cool laid back and sedated feel to it. I felt high and relaxed listening to these songs, and was locked into the couch as if I'd just smoked the strongest pack ever. Track 3 "Figure it out" is another one of the highlights with it's catchy hook and groovy beat. "Signs" is one of my favorite songs. JBadge speaks a lot of truth in this, and seems to be very spiritually in tune with himself. Addiction is also another reocurring topic on the project as JBadge depicts his personal battles with life in general. Other high points of the album were "Cold ft. Da$h" and "Life's a Bitch". Side A has a whole new sound that after my Introduction to JBadge, I did not know he had the range to make tracks with this vibe! That makes him an even doper artist to me, because he's not just one dimensional.

"You ever talk to God and realize he's like you? / Dancin' with this devil we caught up just in a loop/ looping with the dance but we going around the truth"
JBadge - "SIGNS"

JBadge "Chapter 4 (Side B) | Rap Nerd Review

Side B starts off strong with a BANGER! "All a Dream Ft. Nef the Pharaoh & Cameryn Kelly" is a flip of Juicy by The Notorious B.I.G. and it does not disappoint. The dope features, memorable sample, and feeling of this song make it easily a stand out track. Once we got to track 2 and I heard the beat drop, I was instantly reminded that JBadge can go back and flawlessly do the trap sound anytime he wants. He actually shows that a few times on Side B, and now I can see why the project was split into two halves. This body of work contains something that anyone can relate to, which is very important when it comes to building a solid fanbase. My favorite track on this side would have to be "Sunday" where JBadge trades skillful bars with Mark Battles. I honestly don't think there are any true skips on Side B, and overall it has great replay value.

"Get some land go expand start a business up/ aint no handouts in this country when you look like us"
JBadge - "The Hussle"

Overall JBadge dropped an amazing body of work that I can tell he really took his time on. I can appreciate when an artist pours their soul into the music, which is exactly what he did. His voice and delivery to me are reminiscent of Tennessee rapper Starlito, but he still is in a lane of his very own for sure. The west coast really has a diamond in the rough, and I'm rooting for JBadge every step of the way. When he takes off like a rocket, don't say the Rap Nerd didn't give you a heads up!

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D-Sick aka "Rap Nerd"

Rap Nerd Rating (4 out of 5)

written by Derek "Rap Nerd" Moore

Rap Nerd LLC

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