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J. Whiz - "Social Distance" Rap Nerd Album Review

J. Whiz

“ Social Distance ”

Album Released: 2022

J. Whiz is as sharp as a ginsu knife when it comes to his art! To be honest, when I first saw the album cover, I didn’t expect to hear fully mixed and mastered album quality. I thought I would be hearing a mixtape vibe but I was dead wrong. The production value is amazing and the message of the album is very clear. J. Whiz wants to uplift everyone and remind us all that we only have one life to live, so let’s live it right! The “Social Distance” album is very positive, motivational, and transparent, but still BUMPIN!
“I don’t do this for the views or follows, i’m making music ‘cuz I got a passion for using my words to spit the truth”
-J. Whiz “Social Distance”

“Social Distance” Rap Nerd Review

This project is very solid from top to bottom. Starting at the intro he sets the tone and goes hard. It’s apparent that J. Whiz is no amature rapper. The flows sound cool, comfortable and effortless. “Feelin’ Good” is one of my favorite tracks and a straight banger! I could imagine that song playing on radio stations across the globe, and I hope to see a video for it. “Young O.G.” was the dopest track on the project for me. The way J. Whiz put his own spin on 2Pac’s “Ambitionz az a Ridah” was super clever! “Social Distance” “Counterfeit” and “Through tha pain” are also among my favorites on the album. With 13 songs, it wasn't too overwhelmingly long. Concentrated hip hop in its purest form with a good message for the soul. I’ll be keeping up with the journey, and I suggest you all do the same!

Sincerely ,
D-Sick aka #RapNerd

Rap Nerd Rating (out of 5)

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