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Dead5et "The 5ide B Project" | Rap Nerd Review

It’s not too often that I come across an indie hip hop artist that feels like the complete total package. Dead5et is for sure a diamond in the rough with his multiple skills sets. His latest full project to date titled “The 5ide B Project” has all types of different feelings and vibes while still remaining cohesive. Not only does Dead5et write vicious bars, but he also produces and is all the way hands-on with his vision. It’s clear that he was born to do this, and will not take no for an answer when it comes to his destiny.

Album Review:

“The 5ide B Project” has 8 tracks, which gave me a sigh of relief. I think it’s important to keep the music at a consumable length and get right to the point! The project starts out with “5ide B” where he spits some clever and somewhat playful punchlines over a hard hitting beat. Although the track was dope, I was expecting more serious subject matter to start the album. The second track “Drop it” in my opinion should have been the intro, because that song BANGS and pretty much gives a good idea of what’s in store. Somehow, track 2 sounds like a nice marriage of hip hop, rock, and pop all at the same damn time. I notice how detailed he gets with his wordplay schemes when he spits:

"stay in my lane i do what i do, minding my business its easy to do / cruising in forward to focus on music i got tunnel vision that's my point of view" - Dead5et “Drop it”

Once we get to song 3 of the journey I instantly fall in love with the project. It’s always great to hear an ode to the day 1 “Homies” The track has a syrupy beat and flow reminiscent of Houston Texas type vibes. I’m for sure going to bump this song in the whip! The only feature on the project is from Uni on “Out My Way”. This track is a straight BAR mitzvah if you will lmao. Both rappers go absolutely crazy on it. “ I’m Gone” is one of the highlights of the album and perfectly placed in the middle. It’s the one that your girlfriend will like, and you can bump it without the homies clowning you lol. Super smooth love type song, very catchy, and full of feelings that I know we all have felt. “Waddup Doe” is my favorite song on the project! I can hear this going crazy at a festival. I can see mosh pits getting started to the vibe but the lyrics still have a motivational message. The high energy of this track makes me want to go straight to the gym. The next track titled “Your5elf” has a fire melodic flute and hypnotizing flows. I was really into it, and wished that song had another verse on it. At the end of the project Dead5et jumps in a whole different bag with “Microphone Murderers”. This song gave me that unapologetic underground hip hop vibe that all of us hip hop purists love. The raps on here sound like a violent blood bath. Not literally, but in reference to lyricism and killing the microphone, hence the title.

I really enjoyed reviewing this project and I will for sure keep this dope artist in my rotation, as you should too. Dead5et is super multi talented, which can be a gift and a curse. From what i’ve seen with artists who don't have a specific niche type of music, they usually either A- can’t grab a dedicated loyal fanbase because they’re kinda all over the place like a jack of all trades but master of none, OR B- They blow up larger than life and reach a level of superstardom out of this stratosphere. For Dead5et I believe it’ll be the latter. As long as he stays consistent, I say he’s guaranteed to win. Check out more music from Dead5et at the links below!

IG & FB: Dead5etmusic

Youtube: Dead5et music

Tik Tok: Dead5et music


D-Sick aka #RapNerd


(out of 5)

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