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Mustafuh 3rd "Twenty Four" | Rap Nerd Reviews

There was a time in hip-hop where it was gangsta, but still a great time in the club! The G-Unit D-Block Dipset era of hip hop was a fun time for all of us hip-hop lovers. United Kingdom rap artist Mustafah 3rd's single "Twenty Four" brings back that same feeling. Raw bars, hard beats, and just good music.


Mustafuh 3rd "Twenty Four" | Rap Nerd Review

" I don't sleep for 24, for that 24 / talking 36 then I want it extra pure"
Mustafuh 3rd- "Twenty Four"

The beat surely has a great infectious bounce to it. That in itself is a breath of fresh air, in an era where a lot of rap music can tend to sound the same. It's easy to tell that Mustafah focuses a lot of his flow patterns and lyrics. He great at breath control and riding the beat smoothly. The main requirements for a dope hip-hop record is usually a good beat and a catchy hook which this song has both. Street music like this can never really go out of style, because hip-hop comes from the streets. Overall this is a pretty dope song, and I'll be checking out more content from Mustafuh 3rd, and you should too!

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D-Sick aka "Rap Nerd"

Rap Nerd Rating (3.5 out of 5)

written by Derek "Rap Nerd" Moore

Rap Nerd LLC

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