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Detroit L-O "SOLITAIRE SUMMER" | Rap Nerd Reviews

Detroit L-O has a smooth, groovy, player style to his music that I really appreciate. In my mind, this type of style is like a nice short sleeve Polo shirt, it’ll always be classy and never go out of style. The overall message is positive and hip-hop really needs this breath of fresh air. With his most recent project titled “Solitaire Summer”, Detroit L-O not only provides groovy tunes, but also gives out a lot of real game to people trying to stack their money up. Oftentimes in hip-hop, rappers like to floss and show off their wealth, without actually telling the listeners what it takes to get to their level. When rappers do mention how they got rich, it’s usually via something illegal that could land you in prison or in a coffin. L-O gives motivation to the hustlers with advice on how to stay down, and come up legally! I love hearing people rap about investments, stocks, and other legit ways to generate income. With his smooth beats, clever bars, and sharp business acumen, if you’re a fan of artists like Larry June, Premo Rice, or Curren$y, you’ll definitely be digging the latest project "Solitaire Summer" from Detroit- L-O.

"A healthy body is key, so you'll be at your best/ Even the millionaires will tell you that you need some rest"

Detroit L-O "SOLITAIRE SUMMER" | Rap Nerd Review

The album kicks off calmly with "Antoine De La Cadillac" where Detroit L-O starts talking about investments and non-fungible tokens (NFT's) within just the first few bars! I knew at this point this would be a great listen. I rate music based on whether or not the listen makes me make me feel like I'm wasting my time. Time is valuable, so the message sent to the listeners is vital. L-O's music makes me feel like listening is time very well spent. The project is quite long with 26 solid tracks. I'm surprised Detroit L-O was able to not only keep a consistent vibe and sound from start to finish, but also there are literally no skips! "Solitaire Summer" is a playlist of bangers for when the weather is nice, and you're outside looking good, and feeling great! Since there are so many songs, I'll just highlight my personal favorite moments of the album.

"Pineapple Fried Rice" is definitely one of my favorite tracks. This one has a funky groove to it with a solid hook and great message. The main thing I got from this track is to just stay true to yourself, and everyone's advice isn't worth listening to. That's a great dish by the way! Almost at the halfway point in the album we get to a banger! Track 11, "Cigar Bar & Lounge" is a whole vibe with lyrical gems like "Do what's gon get you far, not what's gon get you famous, sometimes what gets you famous , can be considered aimless". I agree with this message wholeheartedly. The cadence and beat on track 12, "Summer Night Breeze" is also one of my favorite moments on the project. Same goes for song number 14 "No More Room". Both of those are solid bangers! They sounded amazing while I sitting in my soft peanut butter heated leather seats cruising in my pearl white Lexus, 5% tint with the clean black rims (shameless flex) 😂. So far this album got me feeling like a smooth playa from the himalayas ready to get to some paper. Track 17 also grabbed my attention, "On a Roll (ft. Strat)". I love how at the beginning Strat clearly defines what a boss is, and delivers a solid feature verse. Detroit L-O spits about staying sober, being focused, and staying sharp while swimming around in a pool of sharks. I personally think track 19 "My DTS" has potential to be a chart topping smash single, and I hope there is a video coming for it!

At this point into the album I'm fully invested in Detroit L-O and his Live Raw movement. He seems to be a solid man of principle and positivity. "Yoshi on the Ave" goes crazy in the whip as well. By the time we get to

"Stay Out The Way Friday", we start to get some vulnerability and super realness from L-O. I fully relate to this song because let's be honest, the world outside is wild these days. Sometimes when the energy just doesn't feel right, I'd rather just chill at the crib and be safe. Also he speaks about how there are so many people who just refuse to elevate. Sometimes you just have to love them from a distance. We get an honest explanation of who Detroit L-O really intends to be at his core on "By Myself". On this track he spits:

"Clockin' riches, treating my people with respect/ If I love you I make sure you never feel neglect./ I grant access to opportunity jump aboard/ If it aint for a good cause then what you do it for?"
Detroit L-O - "By Myself"

The albums wraps up with a super smooth player vibe on the final track "Axel Foley". Detective Axel Foley is a fictional character, portrayed by Eddie Murphy, and is the titular protagonist of the Beverly Hills Cop film series. Detroit L-O has a clever way of getting his message to the world. This is a feel good track that makes me want to hop on a flight asap.

Overall the album is an outstanding body of work! Detroit L-O put forth a hell of an effort with this project, and I hope for a sequel to this next summer. I have very few critiques of the music. The production was solid, but as an audio engineer I heard a few blemishes in the mixing on a couple tracks. The album was a long listen, and could have easily just been split into 2 projects. Other than that I have no complaints. I would highly recommend anyone that's trying to boss up right now to get some inspiration from this "Solitaire Summer" album! When Detroit L-O takes off like a rocket, don't say the Rap Nerd didn't tell you so. Check out my Rap Nerd Rating of the album, and follow Detroit L-O at the links below.



D-Sick aka "Rap Nerd"

Rap Nerd Rating (4 out of 5)

written by Derek "Rap Nerd" Moore


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