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Beat session 35 at spokesman coffee Live Review

As a swirl of spray paint enveloped the air at the 35th Beats session rap battle, located monthly at the Spokesman Coffee & Bar, the collaboration of artists conquered the crowd's attention, in a colorful masterpiece. . Diction was hurled back and forth at spitfire speeds between beats that were bouncing off the spray-painted walls. The favorite would be crowned King or Queen of wordplay for the next month.

D. Green hosted a multitude of artists who cruised through the creativity shop that night hoping to wear a crown including Mister E, No Kid$, Abe The Ambassador on music with Candy Kuo, Kimie The Destroyer, Ruma Child, and EYE DOCTOR as the live art tagging team.

The vibe of the venue was filled with compound creativity that captivated everyone looking for a moment in Austin history and for bringing back what was lost during the pandemic. The widely missed gig by “the locals” is back underway, with a terrific crowd who showed up to support the artists capturing this virtual orchestra of rapid-fire diction misdirection. The mix of art hit the artist fans' aorta to bump up the volume in the soul, get people's feet unsettled from standing still on the dancefloor and play call back with the artists rapping on stage.

The Austin local Ben Buck swung through to give his polished beatboxing skills to the audience anticipating art of all kinds between gifted talent in his freestyle. His tower of hats donated from the crowd provided a no-cap attitude for his performance. He dropped jaws with lyrics that demanded art fans stick around to see everything the beats session had to offer. Come pull up to these monthly shows to see who holds the title of King or Queen of rap battle at this throw-down event every last Monday of the month.

Check out the Nxt Era Hip hop Instagram and Facebook Page for more photos and videos of this event.

Seeing live spray paint in person is intoxicating if too close the whole time, but watching the time-lapse of art being brought into reality with just lines of paint shooting out of a can into these terrific pieces was profound. This is a great outlet for hip-hop fans, enthusiasts, and other artists looking to share their talent on the south side. If you are looking further check Fresh Fridaze at Independence Brewery which will be giving away school supplies for anyone needing supplies for school this year on August 9th.

Even if the time was out of sync for the beat session with a pandemic wrinkle in time, all of these multi-talented artists came ready to perform, living Monday night to the fullest synchronization.

written by Ethan Guion

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