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Song Writing - 5 Tips to get you started

Musically Inked

Feb 18, 2022

These pro tips will put you on the right path to professionally song writing.

From those who produce the rhythms and the rhymes, to those who artistically create with their bodies or a stationed L train, we all add a little something to the proverbial stew. One of those creators has an affinity to not only enjoy the music but to create it as well. Song writers love to create music coupled with a desire to write so much more. So, with a love for writing and creating music but nowhere to start, here are 5 tips to get started!

Analyze and prepare

Try to begin by thinking of the elements that make your favorite songs work. Listen to them again but not as a fan, analyze the different components that you like or dislike. Write it down, without any need for musical lingo, use your own language. Being as specific and in depth as you can.

Do your research

Knowledge and education are easily accessible to everyone, if you can scroll social media and YouTube. Doing research on writing and writing styles in general are the best ways to find the right path. When writing a song or a poem or even this article, a certain writing etiquette is followed. Think of high school essays or writing assignments, how you had to first grab your audience's attention or use MLA/APA writing. Decide how you like to write, and incorporate the structures of songwriting. Like melody; writing to an already established beat or writing first then making adjustments to fit, lyrics; alliteration, rhyming, story telling, whatever the subject(s) may be. Use all the little puzzle pieces you can find to make it easier, clearer.

Use personal life experiences

Eminem once said if he didn't have drama in his life, he wouldn't have anything to write about. Whether it's personal experiences or experiences of others around you. Use it all to create a solid 'story'/ theme. These can change from verse to verse or song to song or album to album, making your writing versatile. Remember to feel, vibe with the beat and let it flow. If you're just writing then pick an experience and let all the feelings of it flow out. Make the audience feel it with you.

Practice practice practice (of course)

Once you've got your research done and decided on a few styles to write with, just start writing. Write everything you can to just get a feel of how you want to write, for example; write a poem, a short story, even a simple song like a nursery rhyme. That will get your brain going in a creative thinking process. The more you write different things, the more versatile your writing can be. You'll start to see where you fit. And now you're ready to tackle the good stuff.


In this social media era, you can find rhythms and melodies anywhere. Use your resources to find beats that vary in genre, style, tempo, cadence, and apply the various writing styles you've been practicing. Remember to keep an open mind and flexibility. Your preferred listening genre may not be your only writing genre, if at all. The components to writing are simple fundamentals, but the beats will help you. When the words are read without a beat, you wouldn't know what genre the song is. So don't be afraid to go outside your 'boundaries'. This is art, so it's left to the artist's discretion. Just be you, and write with passion.

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